Alberta Fund Releases Polling Data on Conservative Unity Leadership Race

Calgary, May 19th:

Today the Alberta Fund released polling data on Albertans’ thoughts on whether a
united conservative party would be a positive for the province and whom they would prefer to lead it.

The Alberta Fund is a special purpose entity to forward conservative political causes in Alberta.

The poll of 900 Albertans conducted by Janet Brown and TrendResearch between April 18 and April 30th found that that 59% of Albertans thought that a new united conservative party would be a positive development for Alberta.

Enthusiasm for a united conservative party is particularly strong outside of Edmonton (63% in Calgary and 65% elsewhere). But even in Edmonton, half (50%) say it would be a positive political development. Given that support for centre right parties in Alberta was only a combined 52% in the 2015 Alberta election and 60% in the 2015 federal election, these numbers are very strong.

Albertans were also asked “If a united conservative party is established, would you be more likely to vote for this party if it were led by Jason Kenney or by Brian Jean?”

Brian Jean has a 15 point lead on Jason Kenney with 37 per cent saying they would prefer Jean and 22 per cent would prefer Kenney. Another five per cent say they’d prefer another leader (though very few mention a specific name), and 37 per cent are not sure. Jean is a particularly popular choice in Edmonton where he has a 21% lead and in Alberta outside of Edmonton and Calgary where he has a 23% polling advantage over Jason Kenney. Jean doubles Kenney’s score with women, out-pointing Kenney by 18 points.

Brian Jean outperformed Jason Kenney in every geographic category and across all age groups, education categories, employment categories, family and marital status categories, and income categories.

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David Yager, Chairman Alberta Fund